Chairman's Message

When Singh Education Trust was first established in 2011, we wanted to have an institution of international academic excellence and reputation providing quality and value based education to students with global perspective.

The ultimate mission of the institute is to contribute to the Society, the Nation and the World Community through pursuit, dissemination and application of knowledge of the highest level of excellence.

My hearty welcome to you to Shree Bhagwat Institute of Technology, a splendid temple of learning.

We at SBIT are committed to provide you with excellent education, practical training and facilities in the career you have chosen to pursue. To achieve this we continuously update our courses and syllabus, keeping in view the changing needs of different professions, industries and social landscape as such.

We emphasize on imparting excellent education to our students in an encouraging environment; we pay equal attention to the all-round development of our students. We provide them ample opportunities for giving expression to their inner literary creative and artistic talents, as well as, sportsmanship. We want our students to be well educated and well trained and to become responsible citizens.

I wish you all the best in your future career as students of our institute.